Being Grateful

Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

Don’t take me for a doormat but I believe in being grateful has changed my life for the better. After I became homeless in 2007 I realized that I had taken my life largely for granted. Now, I find gratitude in the everyday, from my coffee cup in the morning with my husband to listening to our dog snore.

I also believe in paying it forward & always being grateful for people that listen. Too many friends have been lost because we failed to listen to one another. Since I lost someone that was very close to me I realize that I’m no longer going to take people for granted.

I’m grateful for the simple things in my life, like my sweet old dog who turns 9 this year. In his age he prefers to sleep the days away & when I ask if he wants to go for a walk volunteerily goes into his travel crate. That’s okay. He’s allowed to age gracefully.

I think the one positive thing I’ve done with my life is to be grateful for whatever happens. Usually things turn out okay you just have to be patient. I feel that living in the now is the best gift. I’m not afraid to face things head on & to embrace whatever happens. Something I was terrified of in 2007.

I also ignore rude, mean & spineless people who make comments & act just plain rude. Life is too short to give those kinds of people energy. That takes their lives & those around them for granted. Being kind to me after you know you’ve done something illegal also doesn’t work.

I feel that people that are spineless are just that & it makes me grateful for the kind, honest & genuine people I have in my life. But don’t take me for a doormat or a pushover because I’m neither.

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