How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Early on during the pandemic I realized that I’d lose friends & that the society would change as a whole. I’ve had COVID twice in a 6 month period but the first time was the worst. I felt literally ill for the first 24 hours & then it became gradually better.

COVID hit Norway but mask wearing wasn’t implemented until over a year & only on transit & in close proximity to others. When we made the mistake of going to the US last Spring I wish we hadn’t. People were either wearing masks or they were not.

I lost someone I considered myself close to last Fall. Now, that I’ve had time to reflect I realized that the friendship ending was inevitable. It made me sad but it was not my choice. I think Skype & Zoom took a toll on both of us. It doesn’t replace real conversations no matter how hard you may try.

I feel like life in Norway for the most part has gone back to normal. They’re occasionally someone with a mask on transit & or in a store. But they just get weird looks & then people ignore them.

People hug each other again & aren’t super paranoid to shake hands. Occasionally there are some tourists in town with masks on but most locals now find that funny. I guess I’ve adapted by letting go & focusing on my future. Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do.

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