Darwin winners

What makes you laugh?

Let me start off by saying that I don’t have anything against other people except for when they do stupid things. We have a pretty dangerous highway & cross walk by our neighborhood. The best is the people that cross the highway on ramp to get to the bus. I’d not Risk my life for a bus.

The other thing that makes me laugh really hard is when I get stressed & I ask my husband to distract me from whatever is stressing me out. He made me laugh recently when we were walking on a sheet of ice downhill with spikes on our shoes but I was still slipping. Hence, I asked him to distract me & he started talking about all things ice. It was really funny. He had me in stitches the whole way down.

People who think that their double latte double grande coffee with their name on the cup is somehow superior to my simple, short cappuccino. I could tell them that they’re drinking hype but I just laugh instead. Another thing that makes me laugh are people who go out on Valentine’s Day without a reservation & wonder WHY they can’t find a seat at a table at a good restaurant. That’s called planning.

Or the people who park in the crowded, stuffy floor of the parking garage & wonder why there’s no space in the elevator up to the street. People that don’t know how to parallel park with a tiny car. Or who can’t do a proper 3 point turn because they don’t know where their car ends.

I also love traveling & was coming into an airport where they scanned your passport at the counter & this woman was fanning her passport over the scanner without putting it on the scanner. It was hard not to laugh.

Or where I live here in Norway & they check your bus ticket on your phone. I can count on 2 hands how people Freak when they get really high fine for not having a ticket. Just buy a ticket, it’s really basic common sense.

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