Have morning coffee

What do you wish you could do more of every day?

I really appreciate my husband making me coffee in the morning. We can plan out our day & figure out what we’re eating or if we’re going out. The dog often joins us on the couch & the 3 of us hang out.

I like morning coffee during the week & coffee after we’ve gone for a hike or a walk. Just spending that time together is something I really appreciate. To be in the moment in the morning with my husband. I dare say it’s better than the $5 coffee I have out.

I feel that when we have morning coffee it’s like a blank sheet of paper & we can draw or argue or discuss whatever is on our minds. On the weekends we draw it out until we get hungry or the errands & chores we had to do that day catches up with us.

I’d like more time for coffee.

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