What is one word that describes you?

I have been kind most of my adult life, there was a time in my 20’s that I was bitchy & short with people. Something I regret tremendously as I missed out on some good people because of it.

In my 30’s I learned to be calmer & more content with who I am. I learned to listen & to always thank people for being kind to me. I have been less stressed & kinder as I’m nearing 50. I am no longer as trusting of people as I was when I was younger.

Kind means you care for people but you don’t put up with people that aren’t kind back. I have learned that I’m not into people that are no longer genuine with me, or take my kindness for granted.

Kindness is treating people with respect but having boundaries. You don’t get walked on or used but you maintain your boundaries. That’s who I am now.

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