What makes you anxious?

I have functional anxiety, something I found out about a few years ago. It means I can complete a task or a situation even though it makes me uncomfortable. Functional anxiety is like a stop light during certain situations it starts blinking yellow.

I live with my anxiety by not having it control what I do or how I do it, simply do stuff I don’t like. Since so many people have come out as expressing concerns when flying it has become almost trendy to have anxiety when you fly.

I have anxiety when I fly but I have a story I won’t share here that has to do with why I get anxious when I fly. I have breathing techniques that I use & EMDR on myself to stop the anxiety from getting the best of me.

I’m not a fan of tunnels but my city is surrounded by them so I listen to music & am always relieved when I find a seat on the bus. Functional anxiety means I can function while still being uncomfortable. Having anxiety means learning how to cope with what I’m experiencing & still flying & riding the buses through tunnels.

One response to “Anxiety”

  1. Yeah, I’m the same. I have a fear of flying, but I can get on a plane if I absolutely have to. I just chose not to most of the time. I’m terrified of horses (don’t know why) but I’ve ridden one before because my friends insisted on going on a horse ride for an outing. So I feel where you’re coming from.

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