I would not

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

I think going on a shopping spree with all the clothes that end up in landfills is becoming unethical. I only buy clothes when I need them & find that buying stuff I no longer need just for the sake of having it. It’s simply something I no longer do.

Having something in my closet I don’t wear is a waste of money & resources. So I’m no longer enticed by shopping unless it’s necessities like food & meals for our dog. If I like a store I have to find something I’d actually wear & not just take space in my closet.

I hardly buy women’s magazines anymore because they feed into fast fashion & seasonal hip stuff. I’m particularly fed up with these long coats that I assimilate with being a junkie & homeless that have been all the rage this Winter. Also yesterday while doing errands in town I saw the same colored scarf on more than 5 people.

No individuality in other words, I find fast fashion boring so I chose not to follow it. I follow trends in sportswear & active wear because there are always upgrades you can get. Like my thermal leggings with fleece lining. They work perfect for the Winter & I never have to wear wool long underwear & pants.

I tend to wear what I have in my closet & go shopping there instead of the mall or my favorite store. I have some really comfortable stuff that doesn’t make me look dapper. I buy my clothes from eco friendly brands & tend to stay away from H&M & other fast fashion retailers. So, no I’d not go on a shopping spree anytime soon.

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