One question?

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

I’m a writer & have been one for over 2 decades, when people ask me what I do I almost feel like I get laughed at. I have one book published in 2018 called “Greylight” it’s a book of poetry. Being a writer means you end up working lots of odd & ends jobs, waiting for my break.

My dream is to write full time & submit pieces for publication. If it’s electric or on paper something that shows that I know how to submit pieces & get published.

So the question I hate the most is “what do you do?” I have worked lots of weird jobs & have had lots of odd ball bosses. My last “boss” used me because I was on unemployment & I was just Free labor in his store. Even though I was a fast learner & good with customers. It forced me to go off unemployment & stopped receiving benefits.

Apparently this is a common problem in Norway & it forced me to go off unemployment & seek a part time job on my own. I found the practice by a supposed “boss” unethical & coming from someone that called himself a cafeteria Christian person he shouldn’t have behaved that way.

He magically quit the store not 2 months after he had used me for free labor in his store. He found a religious organization to work for. Somehow I think his behavior most likely followed him there. That’s called Karma.

Yeah so what do you do? How I hate this question. Period.

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