3 objects I couldn’t live without.

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

Some people collect t-shirts when they travel, I collect handmade mugs. Like the handmade mug I got in Brussels pre-COVID at Gien, a French plate & mug manufacturer I found in Brussels. I love having homemade hot cocoa in it. Or the mug I found in Scotland in Edinburgh that is part of Royal Collection & is King Charles favorite design. My mugs definitely I could not live without.

My shampoo, I admit that’s pretty superficial & I only wash my hair every 3 days. But I like how good my hair looks when I use shampoo. It’s shiny & easy to brush. I sound like an advert so I’m going to stop now.

The third object I can’t live without is my Moleskin journals. As I’m a writer I rely heavily on paper & not laptops. I write down observations in it & how my mood is that day. I also like to have a good pen that doesn’t run out of ink quickly.

Those are my favorite objects. What are yours?

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