Feeling guilt

I’m in the throes of menopause & my endometriosis is becoming increasingly more painful. As is my guilt for having this illness for 20 years & not being able to become a mom. Something my husband reminds me of constantly.

Having fibromyalgia, IBS & endometriosis are all connected, so if I’m having a flare day or having pelvic pain I never know what will transpire or happen. Makes for interesting days. My period is becoming more painful & thanks to endometriosis it’s exhausting me.

Having the physical issues I have are bothersome & tiresome. But I attempt to leave the house every day. I walk Fløyen once a week when I’m battling side effects from the endometriosis. It doesn’t stop me however to walk up anyway.

I practice grateful living every day, & I am grateful for my ability to write & interact with my friends in the community. Today I’m happy Spring is almost here as it’s the last day of February. What are things or people you’re grateful for?

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