Reflection of 49 years

When I was in my youth I thought that’d wouldn’t make it to my 21st birthday, the day I turned 21st I felt weird & strange that I hadn’t committed suicide by then. My childhood; what I remember was not fun.

Now, I’m a year away from being 50 & I’m in awe that the planet is not dead yet & that I will make it another year around the sun. It feels surreal that in a few days I’ll be 49. I remember the 1990’s & how far away the 2020 seemed to me.

For my birthday I wanted to celebrate by walking up Fløyen with my friends. I like it because we’re outdoors & we can walk any speed we want. The best is the view from the top. Getting up there isn’t that tough & the reward of carrot cake & coffee is pretty hard to beat.

I’m also halfway through editing my book, something I’m very excited about. I feel that 23 will be a transformative year but a good one.

Stay tuned for updates on my book.

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