Behind the times

When I moved back to Norway 6 years ago, I mistakenly thought the universal healthcare would be top notch. After dealing with 6 doctors in 4 years & the unprofessional police departments that send you off to psych eval & blame you for things you can Actually prove you haven’t done.

I’m no longer impressed, I caught COVID in the early part of December last year, I didn’t contact my young, incompetent doctor that I had it again. I just wore a mask & dealt with it. Even my therapist of the last decade who’s out of the country has told me not to bother.

They’ve also CUT the beds in psychiatric institutions & wonder why the chronically ill lash out in violence??? Without proper treatment many people will become a statistic. As for me I think the healthcare system is stuck somewhere in 1989 or 1995, doctors are rude to their patients & I have first hand experience with this & it happens constantly.

How the police treated me last Summer is a symptom that the police blame victims rather than help them. That’s why they call Bergen*the wild west* because of this people don’t report crimes. Also, last year there was a national report that found that the Bergen police are the laziest in the country.

Something I have first hand proof of & why Norway is seriously behind the times when it comes to their malpractice able doctors that are so incompetent in the psychiatric hospitals that patients kill themselves. In the 2020’s that should not be happening. I’m disappointed & saddened by how flawed the universal healthcare system is in Norway.

The government & the healthcare minister need to wake up to the reality that more seriously mentally ill need actual follow up care & not to be discharged after 24 hours in a psych hold. Wake up Norway your electric cars won’t get you out of this.

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