Why Fibromyalgia still isn’t taken seriously.

I’ve lived with fibromyalgia now for 20 years, some days I feel like I can conquer the world. Other days my brain is in a fog & my body aches from head to toe. In Norway they don’t consider me in “risk group” because I have it.

Something that infuriates me. How can a rheumatoid arthritis illness not be taken seriously? I have days that I function just like anybody else & other days where I’m on the couch & struggle to take the dog out.

I’m not depressed my body isn’t what it used to be. I have muscle pain & fatigue that just makes me feel irritable & annoyed. Having fibromyalgia isn’t anything I’d wish on anyone, fatigue & body pain that comes on suddenly & you have No idea how long it’ll last.

Yet the Norwegian government doesn’t consider me in a risk group because I have it. But then I’m considered a “vegetable” because I also have a slight mental illness. Something that barely affects me as I have not been “sick” for 10 years.

But the medical profession is 20 years behind in Norway, as is shown by the amount of male therapists to women therapists. There’s hardly any women in that part of the profession. I don’t want nor like male doctors or therapists.

If you don’t have ovaries I want nothing to do with you. Male doctors have very limited understanding of the female body & mind. Hence, including fibromyalgia. I did a very good male doctor diagnose my fibromyalgia after nearly 2 months of tests. I have been in medical studies that proved that fibromyalgia & irritable bowel syndrome are linked.

In Norway they’re still in 2002 when it comes to mental health & fibromyalgia. Just the other day on NRK they were male doctors arguing that the mental health of teenagers wasn’t that “bad.” Are they in the 1950’s?? Maybe that’s it!

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