4 doctors & counting

I want to start off by saying I like living in Norway if I look beyond the lazy police departments & crappy primary care physicians. Norway is pretty okay..

But we’ve now lived here nearly 7 years BUT I’ve had 4 PCP’s since moving back & that’s not good odds. I’m now on my 4th “doctor” I deliberately put in quotes because she’s Fresh out of medical school.

Since we no longer have anyone entering our home, that was fixed with a new lock in July. She kept me waiting for 35 minutes yesterday because she *thought* I was having a manic episode.

First of all I know of no manic patients who would sit calmly in the waiting room for half an hour. They’d be lashing out at other patients & causing quite the commotion & also showing threatening behavior.

None. That I exhibited before I saw my “doctor” but she gaslight me as soon as I came into her office. By lying to my face, when you look Right & then lie you meant what you said. She lied for pretty much the whole 30 minutes.

Not a flattering fit considering it was only the second time I saw her. She *claimed* she was on my *side* et cetera. That’s simply called Damage Control. What ruined the relationship I was hoping to establish is that she would look Right & lie & lie & lie.

That’s Not OkAY. Doctors should not gaslight their patients & should not lie to them. The hyppocratic oath doesn’t seem to be in use in Norway. First Do No Harm.

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