Why I quit

For years I have been under the umbrella of the Norwegian social security administration. I didn’t realize until late Summer that all they do is shuffle you around. They create hoops you have to jump through that ends up giving you no Results.

I realized after I applied for a job that the woman wouldn’t hire me because I was connected to them. They didn’t pay for ANY of the pre-courses I took in order to apply for grad school. Nope, zip, zilch.

I’m applying for grad school this Winter, granting I am not trying to survive a war by then? Have I received any financial help from them in regards to the classes I took, not a penny. But they’ve shuffled me around to worthless companies that work for them that string you along like a bad boyfriend.

I had a job “coach” who was next level of crazy Sabotage a job interview. They never contacted her back of course. When I found a place to do my practicum she couldn’t be bothered to show up at my “job” I had for 5 weeks!!

The last place NAV sent me to was the worst of the worst. They sabotaged job interviews & asked me to “apply” for jobs I was over qualified for. My dream isn’t to work in a grocery store or spend over an hour commuting for crap pay.

So, that’s why I quit NAV & the “company” they sent me too. I would much rather get a job on my own then through some agency that doesn’t do their job. No thanks, I will pass. That’s why I quit.

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