The invisible text & other tales of poor customer service.

This morning we awoke to a 12 hour outage of our TV & internet. With No notification that this would occur. When I spoke with the provider for a second time he “claimed” they’d sent us a text message last Friday.

The invisible text message that neither one of us got supposedly went out last week. Funny how we don’t have it & IF we don’t how many other people in our neighborhood didn’t get it either??

I contacted forrbrukerådet a national hotline where you can file complaints about big brother companies that don’t do what they claim. It reminds me of when I came back from Oslo a few weeks back & had special luggage that was placed on the belt at the airport.

I contacted the airline & they didn’t like hearing that their instructions had been ignored at the other airport. But that of course was Good customer service & not the crap I have been dealing with all day.

I feel that they’re not the only ones that Failed to give us good customer service, as did KLM when we came back from the US in June. Leaving us without food vouchers & or lounge access for 9:45 hours in Schiphol was also crap customer service.

They wouldn’t even allow us to board an earlier flight home & refused us an upgrade to that flight. I wasn’t impressed with them at all on either leg to the US or the flight back. It reminded me of flying in the 1990s before customer service became a thing.

No, I feel that since the pandemic, customer service has become crap. Not just from the airlines but in other aspects as well. It’s as if companies are expecting customers to just put up with what they are given something that is unacceptable.

Now, that society has returned to normal it’s time for companies to do the same & step up the game otherwise we start calling their competitors & drop them as a company. Why be loyal to a company that doesn’t listen to its customers?

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