Art therapy & why it’s the future of therapy.

I recently took a class in Oslo with art therapy as its focus. We focused on being present with ourselves & our new environment. I learned a ton about focus & being present that weekend. I believe that art therapy is the future of therapy as it uses all your senses to achieve this. As someone who has spent decades in therapy, I like the model they used in art therapy.

By focusing on the present you can better begin to understand the past & how it has influenced you. Staying in the present & in your body helps you process trauma & other events in your life. I met some great people that work within trauma & therapy.

We danced & painted & shared what happened as we moved within the different aspects of therapy. I learned by dancing that it refocuses us on the present. It brings our thoughts into movement & helps us process feelings & emotions.

I met some wonderful people at the class & feel that I’m on the right path when it comes to therapy & my future.

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