When the pieces fit

A few weeks ago I thought it was as simple as changing to an electronic lock, today I spent hours switching passwords on all our home electronics. That takes the Stalking to a whole new level.

You see they had hacked all our electronics including the camera in the kitchen facing the front door. Not only does that mean that they stepped up the surveillance of us to another level. Creepy & illegal.

Now, they no longer have “all access” to our house. I discovered that our living room table is no longer covered in a black filament, a gift they’d leave when they were inside our house. Our living room table is not surprisingly clean since we changed the lock.

The Only way in now is if they break glass, something I hope doesn’t happen. But the surveillance of us was uncomfortable & yucky to discover. However, when I was on the phone with the internets company someone tried our door & the dog reacted appropriately. By barking.

The guy on the phone got concerned, I had a witness to someone trying to access our house. Funny, it didn’t take long for me to put the pieces together, they’re tweakers with a dash of hacking abilities. It’ll make it easier to get them in the box.

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