The things we lose

I start this week with a sigh & sadness as someone I dearly loved has left my life. Signs were there for months that her heart was no longer in it. As my friends know from high school, I will stand by you no matter what. As long you respect my boundaries & support me. I will do the same.

When communication breaksdown I no longer put effort into relationships & would rather walk away. I’ve learned that there’s no point in trying when the other person doesn’t pull their share of the relationship.

There are many people I have come & gone from my life. That happens to everyone, I’m not the first to experience this. When you’re in my life, I am loyal to a fault but in my life I have learned that in my past I have been too trusting & shared too much.

Now, I screen who is in my life & there’s plenty I won’t let into my inner circle. I support all the people in my life that no matter what. Trust me I have heard some outrageous stories from my friends through the years, the difference is I don’t walk away, I show support & stand by them.

That’s what you do if you’re friends with someone, you support them because you never know when you may need the same support.

There’s always give & take in relationships, always new under currents that can pull you away & out to sea. It’s how you swim in the rip current, if you swim straight towards shore you’ll be pulled out to sea, you have to zigzag & only swim when there is a wave, that’s how you get back to shore.

In my friendships if someone is going through a tough time, I will always zigzag with them & keep them safe, because that’s what friends do.

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