A piece of paper

Over 10 years ago I had to be hospitalized for my own we’ll being, I have learned since then that I’m much more than a diagnosis on paper. I’m a functioning human being that interacts with society on a daily basis.

Stalkers & haters be damned as I have learned to live my life the way I want & have been married for 12 years now. Hence, I have stability in my life. What transpired over 10 years ago I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

This week I learned that the sloppy & lazy police department only sees what’s on paper. Gawd forbid they should *actually* do their jobs.

But back to me, I get up in the AM & go to sleep pretty much the same time every night & as I have learned that is the healthiest thing to do. As my husband knows I hardly drink & when I do it’s rare.

I have NEVER used street drugs in any form, but I tried some laced weed over 20 years ago & it didn’t go well. So I consider myself a person that lives clean. We eat organic produce & hardly eat out.

I like to walk & hike & have shoes & equipment for both. I am slightly over-weight due to some medication I was on 6 years ago. I don’t gain weight as I like to fast during the week. I have Never smoked as I find the habit disgusting.

I believe in intuition & your gut feeling, like you’d never walk down a dark alley at night. I trust my gut, not what other people try to convince me of. If something feels Wrong it usually is.

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