Follow-up to the most recent post.

First the female officer didn’t believe me by having the doctor call my house, it’s a very UN-professional way of making sure I would NOT file a police report. As recently as yesterday a woman threw herself out of a car, in the US they call that a Rolling domestic. The guy she was with “claimed” she “willingly” did it.

Women don’t just jump out of moving cars, the woman in question died from doing it. That means she was scared out of her mind. IF the police don’t prosecute him for murder they don’t understand what a Rolling domestic is, the police aren’t as “Progressive” as they “claim.”

As for what’s happening with me I’m documenting everything including what & how the female officer treated me to what the doctor said to me. Let’s just say it’s in more than one place. See like I wrote before, this ain’t my first rodeo.

I can write here that it’s One of The Many reasons I haven’t had any faith in the police since I was assaulted by them in 2007. That went all the way to the DOJ investigation of the department. It’s also why I have NOT gone to the police here. Cause they DO nothing & aren’t Reliable which is shown by that rookie at the police station.

The graffiti “f*** the popo” is all over town, it says it all if you ask me. I have been out of our house Every time the person (s) entered our house. I have been on CCTV on buses & in shopping centers in town & my bank records show the same. Hence, I can’t be in 2 places at once & I Never fold my clothes, clean or dirty. So there’s that.

But hey I’m “supposed” to confront my stalker, that’s what the rookie said. She lives in a very pretty box with signs like “stalkers never kill” & “don’t believe women who have a mental illness” cause you “know” we “fabricate” stories. It’s ONE of the MANY reasons it took me 2 years to go to the police station.

The female officer actually did Exactly what I thought she’d do. So when the doctor called I wasn’t surprised, you see NOT my first rodeo. If something happens to me, my husband has cause to sue them. But hey how would I know that… unfortunately I am NOT the Savant in this scenario. The police are & that sloppy rookie.

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