6,000 miles with nothing changed.

I start by writing this with caution as yet another police department doesn’t want to do their job. I will not name them BUT will say I am not surprised JUST angry.

Stalking & entering someone’s home IS breaking the law. But I get referred to the emergency doctors office, who called me & wanted to know my name. Unfortunately NOT my first rodeo.

The female officer I spoke with asked if I had confronted my stalker, unprofessional on a whole new level. Last time I did that I was stalked for over a decade, but hey that sounds soo rational.

Maybe that’s why they’re considered the laziest office in the land. NO surprise really. As if I know who my stalker is? I know it’s a neighbor who sees me when I come & go. They have friended our dog so he doesn’t bark when they come into our house & to the door, something I find creepy, because our dog Barks.

As someone who has been stalked for most of the last 20 years, this kind of lazy policing is why women end up dead. I know I saw a man in our bushes 2 weeks ago & it was Right after I came home. Why would I fabricate a 6’1″ man in the bushes? I also had been in town & on a bus, lots of places with CCTV.

As a survivor of 3 of them, I trust my gut. It’s sad that women who are stalked should do the very dangerous job of “finding out” who’s stalking them on their own. Who says to a stalking victim, someone who doesn’t want to do their job.

I’m disheartened as I thought the Norwegian police where “different.” I say lazy. That’s what my stalker is counting on too, funny that.

Updated on June 20th at 10pm

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