Rainy & wet Summer

So much for Summer this year we’re rained out. No, joke. It’s been pouring since we got back from our trip. We have One day of sunshine & then a whole week of rain. Not just showers mind you, rain that comes down in buckets.

Summer what’s that? Locals like me know that, it may mean we have late Summer in August something I don’t mind. It’s easier to hike in August than it is in July.

Less people on the trails & transit is back to running normally. Makes it much easier to get home after you’ve hiked. In July most of the popular trails are like walking in a long queue, something I don’t like at all.

It’s rained for soo long I get surprised if it’s not in the forecast. Now, that says something. At least the temperature outside is above freezing so it’s wet to go out, just not cold.

Till next time. Enjoy Summer cause Fall will be here before you know it.

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