A sad week

Friday I found out that Roe/Wade had been over turned by SCOTUS, something that was only disheartening but also very sad. Saturday morning I woke up to a shooting in Oslo, by a terrorist.

The country I idolised as a child & as a young adult has been wrecked, first by a corrupt & fraudulent president who put the action into place to reverse the basic human rights of women.

To think I once stood up for that country & now see that I can no longer go back there to live. Too many rights have been reversed & democracy is under threat in a very literal sense.

The country is holding by a thread & it’s very close to breaking. It frightens me immensely that an arm of the government would act so corrupt & so belligerently towards its own people. That frightens me most.

By taking basic human rights away from women it’s turning into the handmaid’s tale in a very disturbing way. I will not be celebrating the 4th of July this year as there’s no reason to celebrate. First January 6th & then this, it makes me ill to think about a place I once idolised.

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