Alive & kickin’

Well, I finally home after one of the worst “vacations” in recent memory. Not only did we catch the dreaded breakthrough COVID but we saw the true colors of our friends. We got Lucky & caught it on a plane between 2 cities.

Something I regret not wearing a mask on the plane, we should’ve & we probably would have been fine. But we where “risky” & didn’t wear one. We paid the price 4 days later when I came down with symptoms.

Screeching in our ears about certain things where icing on the cake. We decided to drive between cities something that was very pleasant. But due to idle threats we had to black out FB for a week. But I can assure you we got Home & have no plans to travel for a very long time.

We’re alive & kickin’ thanks to vaccines & being careful on the trip back. It’s truly good to be home!!

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