When your doctor fails

I’ve had my share of bad GPs but this last one takes the cake. I am applying for grad school in the Fall & am looking for work. I send out a CV a week with a cover letter. I write every day I can in my journals.

My highly unprofessional GP sent me a flame message on the health network website telling me in no uncertain terms that I should apply for disability. Something I don’t qualify for because I am active & have worked recently.

I may have a mild mental illness but I have not been hospitalised for the last decade. I found her message unprofessional & rude. I get up between 730-8am every day & sleeping “in” on the weekends means sleeping till 9am.

I’m disgusted by her unprofessionalism & her blatant ignorance of me as an entire person not an illness that barely effects me. She wanted to shed me as a patient & if I get disability I become a ward of the state & would have a state doctor.

She should have been professional & simply told me she no longer wanted me as a patient. Something she simply didn’t do. Now, I have spoken to my friends & to other professionals & when I come back from my trip I will be making some decisions.

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