Single cap & willing to travel

As our short jaunt to CPH winds down, I am grateful for cafes with excellent coffee & people watching. CPH has been adventure. With some highlights, such as Democratic Coffee off the main drag & café Wilder where we ate on the first night.

We had a total miss at a supposed good restaurant. But you can only eat soo much cream & pea shoots in your meal. I for one was disappointed in the pricey dinner. The hotel, NH Collection had a total miss on our first night.

They remedied the situation & gave us a better room with late check out today. Something I really appreciated. They also booked a spa treatment in the hotel for my husband for his birthday.

CPH has been full of surprises & let downs. Of course you can’t get away from the tourist that photographs their coffee, dinners et cetera. Something I find really obnoxious & it makes them stick out.

It’ll be good to come home for a few weeks. Till next time.

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