To me Green is a sign of Spring, telling me that Summer is just around the corner. Our fruit trees sprout little green leaves in Spring. Grass goes from ashen brown from Winters frost to a light shade of green.

My allergies flare up with the hardier trees dropping pollen, forces me to blow my nose. The poet’s all call it a renewal & a new beginning. When the temperature here in Norway goes above 50 the vipers come out from their Winter sleep & carrying poison that has been stored in their bodies all Winter.

In the mild 50 degree weather, birds once reliant on the feeder finds worms in our yard. The optimistic begin wearing shorts even though the temperature still drops in the afternoon. Sometimes you’ll see people in their down jackets that end up around their waist.

Green means more to me now than it did when I lived across the pond. Spring means more because Winters can be harsh & cold. You still see parents over dressing their children, afraid that the light wind will make them cold.

When I lived above the artic circle, Spring hadn’t begun until the fountains in the town where turned on & the snow was only in the mountains & not in the town. I can see in my neighborhood that the ashen colors will soon turn green. A small renewal I look forward to each year.

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