Two inches of Spring

It’s April, so you’d think that snow has ended. Nope. We got two inches of the white stuff last night & today I had to wear wool & winter coat when I left the house. It’s melting somewhat but still.

The hammering below us starts at 730 each morning & lasts most of the afternoon. The four legged creature has learned to sleep through the noise. He occasionally sits up if it’s a new sound coming from the work site.

I’m okay, things are moving along & at the end of the month we celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday out of town. Something I’m really looking forward to. Traveling again will be great!!

I miss the trees we had on the property before the construction began. They gave us privacy & the birds loved it. It’s just sad how little of our property we have left. Makes me sad, really.

But it is Spring soo I guess that’s good?! It’ll be interesting to see how this month shakes out?

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