When you do anything else

As the war in Ukraine drags on it’s become harder & harder to watch the news. It’s soo sad that a war criminal would block civilians from leaving & terrorising them from above with bombs.

It makes me angry & particularly at pootins soo called “pep rally” he had the other day. Where Russians where forced to attend in order to make it seem that they’re for the current war.

I stand with Ukraine & it’s people. Period. Maybe that’s why I prefer junk TV that has become my distraction. There’s food competitions & housewives to watch. Yes, I check BBC to see if anything new has happened but mostly I watch junk TV.

This war that’s happening should Never have gotten to the point that it has. We went from worrying about catching COVID to wondering if we have a third world war on our doorstep. It worries me. What’s happening to our planet & our people.

So I will watch junk TV & see parts of the news. Even if it’s painful. I stand with Ukraine & it’s people.

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