I have been pondering this recently as I got a writing prompt & I feel that it has changed in my life. What is a bridge? It can be many things, sometimes we burn them, other times we build them.

Sometimes we cross them, even when we’re afraid of what is on the other side. Bridges can mean building of friendship & connection. It can mean safety in the time of war & leaving some things behind on the other side.

It can be daring to cross IF you want something better. I can recall in my twenties how I was literally a hot mess & constantly would put my new friendships under a pressure cooker & then be surprised when they Failed.

Now, I don’t, I tread more lightly & I have learned to set better boundaries with people & to nurture friendships, the way you do plants. I have learned to build bridges & make sure the posts are strong enough to take the pressure.

Bridges are important, they sometimes guide us where we least expected to that can mean more than we expected. My husband & I have a strong posts on our bridge, even when it sways in the wind, we’re firmly planted.

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