It’s official

5 years ago I thought I was to blame when I was mistreated at my first practicum. Turns out I did nothing wrong at all. I learned during the last 5 weeks that I am a consistent & if I do say so myself a reliable worker.

I worked on days I had a fibroflare & when I had a migraine. That to me speaks volumes about what kind of person I am when I have a good boss & a safe environment to work in.

I had good repore with the customers & was good at selling french fries with their order. I don’t mean french fries literally, just having people buy on impulse.

The other day I only wrote a paragraph about my experience but since he said from the beginning that he wouldn’t hire me after it was over I feel that I can write without feeling worried. I only had one toxic coworker & she’s soo UN reliable it’s pathetic.

But I am not the boss where I worked & it’s not my decision to keep that person on, but personally from a manager position I would have fired that person when she couldn’t work the after Christmas rush.

But from my point of view the “curse” is broken & that feels great!! That’s the Only thing that matters to me is that I completed it & that I had a great boss, both that are true.

Now, it’s just onwards to the next thing & then applying for grad school in the Fall. I found my calling & that’s something I am passionate about.

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