Curse is broken

I have been both anxious & sad this week as my very successful practice came to a close. I was told today that I was an asset to the store & a good worker. I will miss the store & good people I worked with, I learned a ton.

I am also saying out loud that I stand with the people of Ukraine. What’s happening is done by a now war criminal who only see’s his own end game. He is doing the best he can to destabilize the Europe by a blunt form of aggression & fear.

Like the New Yorker cartoon I saw today, Putin with Stalin tattooed on his back. How close it’s to the truth I dare not guess? But what is happening is disturbing & frightening. The lies he’s telling his own people is even worse.

For me the news are too hard to watch as a collective group of people have now been traumatized by what is happening. War & aggression are never the answer. But a despot such as Putin doesn’t care. He only wants to “re-take” something that was Never his to begin with.

The next 14 days will be telling & scary as the people of Ukraine are now forced to flee. They’ll be in my thoughts as I doubt I will sleep very well tonight.

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