What I am learning

I just finished a 3 day course that was an introduction to art therapy. I learned a lot about myself in 3 days that I took it.

It has changed my perspective on what I want to do for the rest of my life & that’s being an art therapist & helping people cope with their issues through art.

I have always been creative & I really like it, so art therapy is the next natural step to take. I am applying for school in the Fall & am really excited about it.

Even though it may mean I have to live away from my husband, the degree is what it’s about. I have been grounded & stable for a long time now & I feel that I can tackle school without any issues.

It feels good to have a goal & something to look forward to. For the first time in a long time I am glad I took a risk & put myself out there. The reward is even better & I have always wanted to help people in a clinical setting.

Yay for me, I can Finally say. Today on our walk I processed all the impressions I got during the course. It’s like Cinderella with her shoe, I want to make a difference in the future & now I can.

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