Sometimes you just have to have your back when no one else does. I have been dealing with a flighty, wishy-washy & inconsistent person for a while now. On my birthday I had enough & made some calls. I also sent some emails detailing what wasn’t happening.

Now, I made lemonade out of lemons. You have to will the universe to change sometimes & that’s what I did. I have been working very hard the last few weeks & felt that I wasn’t being heard until my birthday that is.

I found out recently that I am pretty good at sales & a good at working with others. Something I needed to figure out again after a long absence from working. I’m happy about it & I have had a great boss for the last few weeks, fair & good at training people.

I feel like I made lemonade all on my own with very little guidance. Something I made a fuss about because if you’re phoning it in you’re not doing your job. I stood up for myself & about damn time too. So next time someone strings you along cut the rope & be done with it.

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