Winter storms

Lately, we’ve been hammered with storms, one after the other. We had snow but thanks to mild temperatures it has all but melted away. Not to speak of the avalanche & mudslide danger we have on top of the gusts of wind.

But onto other things, I am nearly done with my pandemic project, my second book!! I discovered recently that I had written way more than I thought. Something I am very proud of; it’s not been easy but it has been worth it.

In other good tidings, I found a bookstore that wants to carry my first book! Yay. I am bringing the owner copies next week! It’ll be good to have some physical copies out there for people to read. I have quite a few other things going on as well but will write more about that later.

I am looking forward to my birthday walk in a few weeks & picking up some flowers to brighten our living room where we just re-upholstered our dining room chairs. Till next time, chin up & get vaccinated.

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