Cracking open a new journal

2022 is Finally here & I celebrated by opening up my new journal. There’s something refreshing about starting a new journal in the new year. The fresh paper, the smell of the binding. I began journaling when I was in high school.

It has saved my life in a way to journal & to write something personal everyday. I have been buying moleskin for years. I now won’t use anything else. I hope my journal will be a guide someday to the generation after me. That writing on paper isn’t soo dreadful as some generations see it.

I have an observation moleskin that I write in, in my favorite café. Where I write down what I see or hear or just think. It’s cathartic & pleasant. I write about how crowded it is on the bus or how people are behaving. It helps me process my day to day. I think in many ways journaling has saved my life.

I like paper books too, the feel of paper & reading gives me great joy. I hope 22 is filled full of good memories & that we at some point can put the pandemic behind us. Pick up a pen instead of a laptop & let the words show up on the page. Happy New Year from a windy city in the northern hemisphere.

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