When you can’t count on

the local police department. It’s nothing new with me I had the same problem across the pond. But Bergen police are lazy & sloppy & if you call the non-emergency they transfer you to Oslo. My, how responsible.

We had a lost dog come up on our property last night & tried but failed to reach the local police department. I let the phone ring for over 4.5 minutes & no one answered. Luckily the dog owner had his contact information on his dog so they were reunited.

Vestpolicedistrict doesn’t seem to want to give out emergency phones to domestic violence victims either. They just tell them to call the emergency #. My, how responsible. I am no longer impressed with these highly trained police officers that Never do their work.

If we have an emergency at least we know we can’t count on, vestpolicedistrict. They’re probably sitting around eating cookies & drinking coffee & can’t be bothered to help the public they’re supposed to serve.

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