Reflecting on a pandemic year

I guess I should start off by saying that I am grateful for my health. That I’ve not had any close calls with COVID this year. It’s something I am thankful for everyday.

I’m grateful for my husband & that we managed to work through our differences this year, although July was a rough month. That our communication is good & that we look out for each other.

For our four legged creature that can be both silly & serious. That loves to cuddle & has become my companion up Fløyen when I go. That gets upset if one of us leaves the house.

For the new friends I have met this year & for my bestie who keeps me on track. That our bullshit meters still work & that we don’t take crap from anyone.

I’m grateful for the café I go to & write in & for the barista’s that are kind & remember what I drink. For my ability to work on my new book & that it’s become a project.

If we weren’t in a national lockdown I’d say my job, but that’s hard when it’s a lockdown. Till next year, remember to be grateful every day even for the small stuff.

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