Partial lockdown

Soo much for a “normal” Christmas this year, as the government announced new national rules starting tomorrow at midnight. The meter/ 3 feet rule is back as are home office. It just stinks–& the fact that many businesses may not survive till next year.

Makes me sad oh & that you also need to limit how many people you’re in contact with. Exactly 73 days after we “reopened” society again. The siliest rule of all is that you can have is 20 people over for Christmas or New Year’s but you have to be a meter apart.

That makes for some really awkward conversations. Oh & they also said that we should have the party outside. In 40 degrees & rain I really see that happening. Not. I just gotten into to going to Quiz night again & now this. I am dreading going into town tomorrow as people will undoubtedly freak out tonight.

Such fun. Causing panic seems to be how the government works these days. Something I am getting Really tired of since the shut down of March 2020. It means I will have to be in town Early tomorrow. Grateful I ran errands the other day. But this doesn’t feel much like Christmas anymore.

Stay safe & bundle up out there.

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