Mask on.

So what I wrote a few weeks back has come to fruition we’re going back to masks on the buses & sign in sheets at my favorite café. We’re in the 4th Wave of COVID. They’re saying COVID passes one week & then something else the next week.

It makes for a pretty confusing time, with all the wishy, washy back & forth. I am wondering how actual Christmas will be? Watching American Christmas movies isn’t cheering me up. Going into the season.

I am wondering how this second year of COVID will shape up? With new restrictions in place I am starting to feel pretty defeated. The lax rules felt good while they lasted but felt Very Temporary.

Although I have all my shots this is really becoming frustrating. That the 400.000 that didn’t feel that the vaccine was “right” for them is Now causing this. It truly sucks, there is no way around it. How can people this irresponsible & justify their skewed view is now wrecking havoc on our healthcare system.

Now, I am just hoping that things won’t be in a lockdown by my birthday next year. Fingers crossed. Here’s to hoping! Wishing everyone a good First Advent & Thanksgiving.

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