The “not” returning to “normal.”

Here we are 2 months after opening up & the country is under new restrictions from Parliament. Masks are once again the thing to have on buses & the unvaccinated now face a battle with the government.

It’s sad really that it didn’t take long for a new wave of COVID to hit us. I am disappointed in all the folks that don’t believe in the vaccine & are now putting the rest of us in danger.

We’re getting vaccine passes much like everywhere else in Europe. Something I quite like because if you don’t have a pass you won’t be able to attend events. Hence, cutting down on the transmission of the virus.

But we shouldn’t have had to do this but people have become careless with their health & don’t stay home IF they’re sick. That’s why we’re in this position in the first place. It angers me that we’ve gone backwards instead of forwards.

Soo much for returning to “normal” we shelve that for the next 6 months. It was what I was most afraid of & now it’s happening. They’ve said that they’re not going to lock us down again BUT the beginning stages of it are already happening.

Get vaccinated or get lost. I like what Singapore is doing making the unvaccinated sick pay for their own medical care. You should because you’re the reason we’re back in this mess.

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