Why I will never be A4/typeA person

I had a really good conversation recently where the woman I talked to said; you’re not a square peg. I am not, I am rough around the edges from my upbringing & my body isn’t a straight line. It’s always been what it is.

In Norway if you’re A4 you’re like everyone, boring & a morning person. I’m a morning person but no where near a square peg. I think outside the box most of the time. It’s just how I am wired.

I practice writing everyday if it’s not in my journal its in my blog or my blue journal where I tend to write whatever I see. I practice kindness every day as feel like the world has gotten cruel recently.

Being a non A4 person makes people think they can be cruel & say not so nice things either to your face or behind your back. Very passive aggro & not very nice. I have gotten used to the jealousy & comments. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard comments or just heard people say something they shouldn’t.

But that’s part of always being different, it means you’re going to anger some people at the same time find acceptance where you least expect it. I will never fit into a square peg. Period.

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