Since meditation is the new coke right now I’d figure I’d write about how staying present for me is how I have conquered most of my trauma. I may not meditate but I have taught myself that staying present is both hard thing to master especially under stressful situations.

I don’t like flying, I have functional anxiety where I am able to do it But I hate it. The feeling of turbulence on the plane brings up a traumatic experience I had on a plane in the 1990’s. I know the turbulence will pass But my anxiety peeks when this happens. So I have learned to talk to the crew on the plane & to talk to fellow passangers to distract me from what I can’t control.

For me being Present means accepting my feelings in that moment & staying with them till they pass. Something I realize is difficult & hard to learn. I rarely ever get angry over small things & have learned that everyone copes differently & I accept this.

Being Present means sharing feelings & my view of something even if I may not get a positive response to what I said. Being in the moment is important. Hence, I only listen to music when I am commuting but not in the city or town. I listen to the city, sirens & conversations that drift by on the street. The other week I almost got a chestnut in my head but I heard it fall.

Being Present is important to me, I have seen some wonderful things by being present. I know it’s hard but breathe the difficult moments will pass & you’ll be stronger for being in the moment.

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