when it rains

Fall has arrived with its dusted frost on some mornings & cold rain that makes one want to stay indoors. I have decided that I am going to walk Fløyen this week as long it’s not coming down in buckets.

The cold rain I mean. I don’t mind seasons rather I look forward to them. But one thing I can’t stand is daylight savings changing & how the darkness creeps in on you in the afternoon. I savour the days more when they’re shorter.

The light in sky is soo fantastic too, golden shades coming in on the non rainy days. I have a picture from a few years back from early morning & the sky was a deep purple hue with gold specks in it.

I like the dusted frost on clear mornings, a reminder that it could be slippery. I recall my trip to Australia a few years back where Spring had sprung in Sydney & people where flocking to the botanical gardens to take pictures by the tulips. To me they felt familiar, like home.

I spent the time we where there mostly in sandals & hardly wore sneakers. I was relieved when when we returned to the Pacific Northwest & Fall had arrived. How I loved the rain that Fall.

There’s snow up North now, it came early this year, a surprise I think. Here I can hear the rain on the roof as a reminder to wear medium wool socks tomorrow with my boots. I look forward to the coziness of the café & how empty the town will be.

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