pondering on a Sunday

I just finished vacuuming the house, it Really needed it. I always think when I do chores, about the week or something that is bothering me. I sent the four legged creature out of the house with the husband. Otherwise I can’t vaccume or get anything done.

When I was single I hated Sundays, I remember thinking that all I saw was happy couples, reading the paper together or walking in the park holding hands. Made me feel lonelier than I was. I recall going to my favorite café & ordering my drink & mentioning that I was engaged to the barista. He blushed & managed to congratulate me before giving me the coffee on the house.

I never saw him after that, I had literally No idea he felt that way. It came as a complete surprise to me. Something similar happened recently & I feel bad but I was only drawing a boundary not saying we couldn’t hang out. I am married to a guy that doesn’t get jealous or worried when men pay attention to me.

It’s funny I am nearing 50 & I still got it, weirdly funny & sad at the same time. We where at quiz night on Friday & I accidentally thought I had won something. Anyway when I walked back to our table with whiskey several men mumbled that fact. Funny. I spent time in Scotland so I know what to drink.

It’s weird to be this old & to be seen as a piece or conquest by men. I have always had my own style & confidence. I am also secure in my marriage; but my husband has always known that I prefer male friends to female. Maybe it’s because I grew up with 13 male cousins & that’s why I like male friends?!

I do have female friends but they’re sparse, I also know that some guys are incapable of being friends with women. All I have to say is their loss.

Till next, do you walk away if you find out someone’s in a relationship or marriage???

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