Wilting & hard shells

Our Orchid is dropping its flowers after having them for 6 months, outside chestnut trees are dropping nuts in hard shells. Becoming one with ground & stomped by feet. It signals that Fall is here, leaves changing colors before dropping to the ground.

Mornings are brisk & chilly, hence I wrap myself with a turtleneck. Walking quickly to the bus. Wood becomes icy & slippery in the morning air. I walk the long way to the bus. Hard shells of chestnuts reminds me of people I have lost in my life in the Fall.

Like nuts they fell from my life in one way or another. First greeting me with spiky, hard shells that after some time became soft revealing a brown, shiny nut inside. Every Fall I feel sentimental around their trees. Reminding me of the past.

Soon the earth will be hard to the touch brushed with dust of frost. I am slightly worried about a large sea turtle seen a few hundred miles from where I live. With his tropical entourage. I wonder if he thought the water was cold. I hope he hops on the right ocean current & gets safetly home to the tropics.

Soon I’ll have to take out my winter coat & wrap my hands in gloves. Covering my ears with a hat. But not yet. We still have hollow’d eve to look forward to & Thanksgiving. It won’t be Winter until that happens. I will savor Fall with all it’s colors & the brisk morning air, happy that I got to see some shiny chestnuts in the early afternoon sun.

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