Never Forget

It’s been 20 years since I woke up hearing a neighbor telling her mother that the US was at war. How I was frozen in front of tiny TV where I couldn’t believe my eyes & crying over the loss of innocence was forever lost that day.

Today I wore black in honor of those lost, something I do every year. Flying has been forever changed all over the world. You’ve been forced to put fluids into tiny bags. I have been x-rayed more times than I can count.

New York City has been forever changed since that day. I visited the Memorial museum in 2017 where my heart was torn out of my chest. We met a survivor that worked at the Towers & survived. She’s forever etched in my memory. I took no pictures in the museum. Death & loss should be respected.

NYC is one of my favorite cities even though it’s gone through monumental changes in the last 20 years. Downtown is still one of my favorite parts of the city. When you take the 6 & get off at Spring Street you come up from the subway & the city is thriving. The smell of pretzels & hot dogs on the corners surrounded by flea markets & artists. I will Never Forget.

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