The island & sheep

Last week we spent 2 days on an island that has less than 25 people that live there permanently. There was wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour for the 2 days we where on the island. Howling in the corners of the house we stayed in.

It was beautiful & so quiet, the only thing we heard was the sound of sheep bells & wind. We went to the book barn on the island & spent an hour looking at books & we bought a few.

The day we had on the island we went hiking down to the part of the island that no one lives on as it faces Scotland & the Shetland Islands. As the wind howled in our ears we made it halfway & decided to turn around.

Hovden was the name of the island & the four car ferry was very cute. The Northern Atlantic was as quiet as a lake the day we left. On the way out to the island the ferry was swaying with the waves. The locals barely noticed the swaying of the boat.

It was magical to be out there knowing the Shetlands where right out there in the ocean. Hovden is a place I’d like to go back to.


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I’m a writer & poet in my late 40’s who published my first book of poetry called Greylight a few years back. I live by a simple motto Live Laugh Love & show gratitude for each day. I currently live in Norway with my husband & our dog. I am working on a new book, release date is in the future. i am looking for artists with a modern view to represent my new body of work. I can be reached at Thank you for reading my work.

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