The flatbed truck & a tunnel.

My husband had the last few weeks off work so we decided to take a road trip up to Kinn & the islands off of Florø. I have to say is a beautiful place. We spent 2 days on an island with less than 25 people on it.

We went to this cool book barn & found some cool books. Had a leisurely time the second day on the island. We did some hiking, my husband made us good food & we watched the mountains surrounding the island.

On the way back we where going thru a tunnel when ABS brakes began acting up & thought we’d get stuck in the tunnel. I have not been as scared as I was yesterday as I was when the car freaked out.

We did make it out of the tunnel & found a place to park the car while I called the tow company & told them we needed help. We waited for the tow truck for an hour while we ate some bread & aired out the dog.

When tow truck guy came he told us we had to stay in the car while he towed us to our garage. Sitting in the back of a flatbed truck in the car was crazy Scary. It made the car breaking down in the tunnel not feel so extreme.

We had one small narrow fjord we had to drive thru to get back to the city. Thankfully the tow truck driver drove 45 miles an hour the whole way to the garage. I was soo impressed with his driving I told him so at the garage.

Being on an nearly deserted island was cool sitting in the back of the flatbed truck was terrifying. So next time your car says to get it serviced do It or you may end up like us going for the ride of lives in the back of the truck.

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